Using the Res Life Purpose and Productivity Planner

How Can the Res Life Purpose and Productivity Planner Help Your Team?

We have tapped into the creative journal trend that is popular with today's students.

The 2019-20 Res Life Purpose and Productivity Planner provides job-related and personal-benefit resources all in one place so students don't have to keep track of multiple files, binders and training materials.


The Res Life Purpose and Productivity Planner provides resident life student staff members with:

  • Self-directed training

  • Timely programming ideas

  • Planning, community-building, self-development and on-the-job tools all in one place

  • A daily tool to keep themselves organized and on task

  • Ongoing training regarding topics from implicit bias to handling conflict and everything in between

  • Customized information, including your institution's Academic Calendar, programs and culture (6 customized pages available; standard, non-customized copies also available) 


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